MAMATOV PUBLISHING — Local folk lore studies, Directories, Guides, Literary Publications, Albums, Postcards, Illustrated Calendars both in printed and electronic format. MAMATOV is a privately owned publishing house with its own unique style and a truly quality driven approach. Since establishment the company has successfully realized its own publishing projects.

The World of Information Programme The creation of websites, multimedia, e-books in CD and DVD format and providing access to them over the Internet.

The World of Culture Programme Literary and art projects of high-end graphic quality: — books, albums, miniature books, picture postcards collections, calendars and guide-books.

The Discovery of Perm Programme Exclusive to Mamatov Publishing, is a proposed series of exclusive bound editions highlighting the unique natural, cultural, historical, economic, ethnic aspects, and artistic potential of the Perm Region. The Perm Programme’s mission is to effectively present the region both in the national and international context with the desired aim to attract the interest of businessmen, investors, tourists, artists, cultural and educational specialists to the rich possibilities of the Perm land.

Mamatov’s Editorial Board of “MAMATOV” PUBLISHING includes eminent artists, writers, art-critics and scholars. They guarantee creativity and professionalism in the realization of every project. “Mamatov Publishing” is a member of the “Perm Guild of Fair Enterprises”